> P-72388
Electricians' Mate 6pcs & Mobile Phone and Pen Holders 7pcs
Design of the master carton in keeping with the design of the whole range. Simple but effective product display. Perfect solution for smaller distributors and where space is a premium. Inside wall divide carton for two compartments. Universal one box design for each size of the master carton. All information including part no, description and bar code are on a sticker on the back of the box. Open front for a better view of the contents. Products are attached to header card with universal euro hole - this allows the option to transfer products to static display. Made of cardboard. All materials recyclable. Environmentally friendly.
Technical Data:
7 ½ in
14 in
10 ¾ in
6,17 lb
190 mm
355 mm
275 mm
2,80 kg